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12 000 грн.
 22 Ноября
 Киев, Ровно

Информация о соискателе

Имя: Philipczuk Eugene
Возраст: 42 года
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Условия работы

Цель: OBJECTIVE: My goal is the search for work in Rivne, Ukraine on the position of Translator of Czech, Polish and English. NOTE: The big request, all of your job offer for me, as well as all business proposals for me, please send me on my email.
Режим работы: полный рабочий день
Основные навыки:

I am fluent in English, Polish, Czech, Russian and Ukrainian languages.

I have basic knowledge as well as read and speak in Italian, German, Slovak.

I can and have the skills to make written translations from Czech, Polish and English.

I have experience in the specifics of the written translations.

I understand and I have ability the basic principles of translation.

I have the experience and skills of written and oral expression of my own thoughts; I can and I know how to effectively formulate the thoughts of others.

I have experience and skills in writing press releases and informational messages.

I have skills of copywriting, writing articles.

I can and I know how to effectively manage my own time.

I have the ability to self-control; able to adequately and objectively assess the quality of my own work; I have the skills for effective analysis of my own work including translation, I have a high level of self-criticism.

I have a high level of self-discipline, self-criticism, self-organization, self-learning and of introspection; I have desire to grow and learn and improve my professional skills.

I am constantly improving my knowledge of modern methods of copywriting, writing articles and written text translation.

I am able to work on the PC;

I have driver license “BC“.

Опыт работы

Должность: Executive Director
Период: 2016-06-01 − 2016-10-04 гг. ( 4 месяца)
Компания: Business Center
Обязанности: Activity: Business services: Recruitment employees; Marketing services; Information services; Translations; Tutoring; Consultation. Responsibilities: -Managing a business center for the service of small and average business and individuals. -Administration of business processes; -Coordination and control work of specialists in the fields; -Recruitment and training of employees; -Ensuring a high quality of services and their effectiveness; -Negotiating with customers, contractors, partners; -The development and improvement of business processes; -Execution all kinds of business center services; -Monitoring and analysis of information; -Strategic planning of business processes. -Translations from Czech, Polish, English; -Written translation; -Tutoring from English; -Consultation.


Учебное заведение: National University of Water Management and Nature Resources Use
Период обучения: 1998-09-01 − 2004-06-01 гг. (5 лет 9 месяцев)
Уровень образования: полное высшее
Специальность: Faculty of Management, speciality of Management and Marketing

Дополнительная информация

Язык: English • Эксперт
Czech • Эксперт
Polish • Эксперт
Russian • Эксперт
Ukrainian • Эксперт
German • Базовый
Italian • Базовый
Skovak • Базовый
Увлечения, интересы, умения: PERSONAL QUALITIES: Reliable, disciplined, hard-working, fair, responsible, honest, conscientious, attentive, neat, punctual, organized, pedantic, communicable, principled, demanding, resolute, observant, forbearing, friendly, consistent, reasonable, thrifty, flexible, high moral principles.

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