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VIP Sportstravel AG

На сайте с 6 Марта 2012
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Описание компании

VIP Sportstravel AG is part of the Zaechel Group and one of the leading agencies in Sports Travel & Hospitality Solutions in Europe. Our focus is on all kinds of sports events, mainly the UEFA EURO 2012™. Many renowned national and international companies are among our clients. During UEFA EURO 2012™ we provide our 360° Hospitality & Travel solutions to German Companies, cooperating with SPORTFIVE in the context of the official Hospitality Pro-gramme of UEFA. For the UEFA EURO 2012™, VIP Sportstravel AG was appointed as official travel agent in Germany, France and Monaco and also handles the Hospitality and Travel services for 3 official sponsors of the event. In order to support our international and friendly team, we are looking for new staff for our offices in Kyiv and Donetsk from 01st June -05th July 2012.

Контактная информация

Адрес:, Bergmannstr. 102, 10961 Berlin

49 30 2647646695

Контактное лицо:Illia Gerasymov

Вакансии в VIP Sportstravel AG

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